At SMART Global, digital education is at the heart of everything we do.

Our events, marketing and training place people firmly in the driver’s seat of digital transformation.

We educate on digital innovation and promote digital transformation across Ireland, the UK and globally.

Our team will work closely with your business to define your online goals and align these with your overall business strategy.

We also LOVE to celebrate digital excellence through our annual digital awards ceremony – the DANI Awards and highlight Ireland’s BEST experiences through The Irish Experience Awards.


Through our annual SMART events series, we explore technology trends within various sectors and encourage collaborative opportunities for businesses across Ireland, the UK and globally.  We host the annual SMART Health, SMART Retail and SMART Construct conferences, as well as Northern Ireland’s premiere digital awards – The DANI Awards and The Irish Experience Awards.  Through these events, we believe in enhancing your network of opportunities, promoting your brand and increasing lead generation.

SMART Health 2018, SMART NI
The DANI Awards 2018, SMART NI

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