One Week & Counting until SMART Construct’18


Down to single digits! SMART Construct 2018 is one week away! You will have seen from our previous post that we have so many amazing speakers coming to this year’s SMART Construct event!


This really will be such a good opportunity for the relevant businesses here in Northern Ireland to connect with like-minded companies and associates, not just through our panels but through our networking sessions, industry breakout sessions, open mic Q&As and even over lunch! The Glenavon Hotel has promised us a lovely spread!

SMART Construct Credit: Sarah Pflug

Continuing with our sampling of speakers in attendance; James Curran of Kingspan Water and Energy will be joining us to talk about their pioneering technologies to preserve and protect water and energy. Kingspan Water and Energy have recently rebranded from Kingspan Environmental as their focus going forward will be primarily water & energy solutions and products. The company has over 50 years experience in this sector and the information given will be invaluable to our industries here in Northern Ireland.


There are few constants when it comes to running a successful business but one is that to make progress with your business, you have to market it well. Marketing and business go hand in hand and have done since day dot but in the everchanging world we live in marketing is becoming more & more digital based and businesses are being left behind as the digital train gathers speed. Our next panel will discuss the impact of marketing in a digital age and will include input from experts from CDE Global, Terex and Specialist Joinery Group.


Finance is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, pillars when it comes to business but it can be a minefield of confusion! What is the difference between financing and funding? What is business factoring? How do they relate to my business? Neal Taylor from Grant Thorton, one of the largest networks of independent accountants and consulting firms will be on hand to answer all these questions and more.

Credit: Mark Henderson

We also are offering some great industry breakout sessions which are a brilliant opportunity to roundtable with experts and fellow businesses on common issues and brainstorm solutions!


Our first session is on Building Information Management (BIM) and its benefits to the construction industry with Ralph Montague from ArcDox and Michael McLornan from Department of Finance NI.

Stephen Kelly from Manufacturing NI will be taking a session on Northern Ireland’s world-class strides in advanced manufacturing and engineering.

Gareth Loye of Mascott Construction will be giving a developers perspective on our industries in his session.

Fiacre O’Donnell from Encirc and Steven Wood of Digital Catapult will be hosting a session discussing the innovation of AI technology and its application in the manufacturing industry.

Dr Scott King from Pinnacle Professional will be leading an interactive workshop on how businesses need to understand how their customers need to deliver value to their venture.

These sessions will be an opportunity to connect on a much more intimate level in a small group setting! Not to be missed!


Closing out the day will be David Clark, head of Manufacturing and Innovation at the McAvoy Group, speaking to us about applying digital solutions and lean processes to improve your business’s efficiency tenfold. After all, an efficient business is a successful business but it’s still an area where some companies struggle!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this two-part blog series on our upcoming event. We have such a strong lineup of speakers and partners that we’re so proud to showcase at SMART Construct’s 2018 outing. There’s still time to buy tickets for the event! We hope to see you at the Glenavon next week for a full SMART Construct filled day!

Sarah-Louise McGrath
Social Media and Content Executive

October 18, 2018 6:54 am